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We believe Complex agreements need a simple solution.

Strong Authentication

Use your digital identity secured with MFA

With your digital identity based on strong authentication, your signature is more secure than ever.


Protect your documents in the Blockchain

All your documents are recorded, verifiable, and certified as a non-repudiation act.

Mobile signature

Sign on the go with your Mobile

Use your mobile to receive documents that you can e-sign anywhere, at any time.


Conform to global contract law

YumiSign e-signature is recognized by all jurisdictions and complies with European regulations.

Electronic Signature made simpler.
Discover YumiSign

We are making the e-signature simpler.

Through a modern and cutting-edge approach, we create the best digital signature experience for your

This is how we do it


Upload your document and create signature projects.

Design different types of validation processes that fit your internal team and your clients' needs.

Sign agreements with your mobile.

Allow your recipients to sign in different ways from using an email QRCode to receiving a push through the OpenOTP app.

Securely archive signed documents.

Archive all your encrypted signed documents in secure storage with a probative value.

How it works

Create your signature project
and choose recipients.

Create simple or complex workflows to send to your recipients to sign documents in a specific order or simultaneously.

Download OpenOTP app

Enroll your mobile
with OpenOTP app.

Get the OpenOTP app and enroll your mobile through a QR Code easy process and start signing with your mobile

Mobile signature made easy

Click the notification,
check the document, and sign.

Click the OpenOTP notification. Control the document you received through our mobile app and in a few clicks sign or review the document. The final signed document is automatically sent to you and stored in your account.

In a nutshell

Good deals
start with
good process.

Your paperless signature platform to increase productivity, elevate the customer experience.


Improvement rate In quality files

Forrester Total Economic Impact ™ study

Track status

Track document status to know when it was opened and signed.

Signature options

Select different types of workflows and signatures.

Automatic archiving

All documents are automatically archived.

Forms Automation

Send your signature request with basic forms included.

Template creation

Save your signature projects as reusable templates.

Powerful API

Developers and businesses can integrate our API.

It's all about trust and efficiency.

We designed a safe and user-friendly place to agree.

Get the most out of the reduction in your team’s operating costs for your whole signature process through a nice user experience.

Secure your agreements

YumiSign produces an advanced electronic signature that complies with the last regulations

Streamline your processes

Manage and share all your documents through a paperless platform and take the most of digitalization.

Dramatically lower delay

All your agreements are sent, signed, and stored instantly. No need to wait anymore.

Reduce your costs

Electronic signature allows you to save time and money through digitalization and to increase your productivity.

Frequently Asked

Are e-signatures legally binding?

In the last few years all businesses have been confronted to the digital era. The need to sign digitally in this modern world has given electronic signature the same obligations as a hand-written signature. In fact any agreement where the parties’ intentions to become bound are clearly stated is legally binding.

What is eIDAS?

The eIDAS regulation is a European complex set of laws created to establish trust in electronic transactions between individuals, organizations and government entities across European Member States. It provides a common predictable regulatory environment for electronic identification and trust services, including electronic signatures, seals, time stamps, registered delivery and website authentication. This begins by creating rules for electronic identification and trust services to simplify and standardize digital IDs and signatures across Europe.

Do you have an On premise solution?

YumiSign e-signature service will be provided as an On-premise solution designed for modern enterprise technologies and suited for SMEs to large corporations. YumiSign is part of RCDevs’ solutions which are high-quality, cost-effective, and trusted by thousands of companies in all businesses, including fortune 100 companies.

Use cases

Bringing out Electronic Signature
to the whole world.

Designed for every


— Real Estate
— Financial Services
— Healthcare
— Education

Adapted to fit each


— Marketing
— Human Resources
— Legal
— Sales

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Learn about our

Cryptographic & Authentication processes

All documents signed via YumiSign in ‘Advanced Signature Mode’ (i.e. handwritten signature) are time-stamped and cryptographically sealed after completion.

Cryptographic Seal

The cryptographic seal ensures a document cannot be altered after its finalization. In practice, the seal allows anyone to verify the authenticity of a document in the long term.

Certificate Authority

To verify a document’s authenticity in Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other PDF reader, you only need to trust the RCDevs Root Certificate Authority.


YumiSign uses physical HSMs (Hardware Cryptographic Modules) to seal user documents, and the HSM signing certificates are renewed regularly by the RCDevs Root Certificate Authority.


Trusting YumiSign document sealing is very simple: Click on the left and follow the steps to install the RCDevs Root Certificate Authority in your computer’s trusted certificate list.

Awards & honors

The awards won
by our company.

RCDevs is an award winning security company that built its growing reputation over high-quality software and its customers’ entire satisfaction. RCDevs provides cutting-edge solutions worldwide to customers ranging from SMEs to large corporations in the IT, financial, healthcare, and government sectors.


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