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YumiSign includes security by design and meets the eIDAS and ETSI standards
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YumiSign electronic signature security

Security by design

Risk and security were integrated during YumiSign electronic signature's design and throughout the life cycle of the platform.

User access

YumiSign integrates a range of user authentication solutions to secure access to your account.

Audit trails

For evidence purpose, YumiSign generates a summary of each action created during a signature workflow.

Hosted in Europe

YumiSign and all associated data is hosted in Europe in compliance with GDPR regulation

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Cryptographic & Authentication processes

All documents signed via YumiSign in ‘Advanced Signature Mode’ (i.e. handwritten signature) are time-stamped and cryptographically sealed after completion.

(for advanced signature only)

Cryptographic Seal

The cryptographic seal ensures a document cannot be altered after its finalization. In practice, the seal allows anyone to verify the authenticity of a document on the long term.

Certificate Authority

To verify a document’s authenticity in Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other PDF reader, you just need to trust the RCDevs Root Certificate Authority.


Trusting YumiSign document sealing is very simple: Click on Download RCDevs Root Certificate Authority and follow the steps to install the RCDevs Root Certificate Authority in your computer’s trusted certificate list.


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